Software development in the Fiber Supply Assessment program concentrates on several products.  Some examples are listed below:

  1. Efficient Internet programming for effective information dissemination, which includes the development of improved mirrors (e.g., of the USDA Forest Service Southeast FIA database. 

  2. Development of user friendly dynamic navigation framework optimized for fast and efficient browsing of large numbers of tables and images (e.g.,

  3. Research on computer generated landscape images for inventory visualization, a seed project intended to attract explicit funding for such research, results of which could be used in public relations and various analysis of aesthetical, recreational, and visual implications of different forest management practices (e.g., 

  4. Development of fast, interactive and user-friendly, hyper-maps with information on Georgia forest inventories retrievable in various divisions of the state (e.g., 

  5. Development of bibliography project initiated to streamline literature reviews and database management with online access at

  6. Development of automated publication distribution for online retrieval using a self-maintained user-database  (   

  7. Development of PC based interactive inventory calculator for Georgia (currently under development) that can be described by the following screenshots: